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Introducing Our Widebody Tesla Model 3 Concept

It should be no secret by now that we love pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the automotive industry and love showcasing the incredible talents of our whole crew, so when it came time for us to take a good hard look into the future of the industry we knew we had to come up with something that would bring attention to electric vehicles in a way no one has done before. This is the result.

When laying out concepts for this project we knew it had to be something that would catch your attention unlike anything you’ve seen before and for a car with the comforts and performance of a Tesla Model 3, which meant highlighting those features and expanding on them to make them even better.

Our incredible design team came up with this low and wide concept, featuring a full handcrafted widebody and custom front and rear bumpers, complete with real carbon fiber ducting for improved airflow and massive 12 inch wide 3 piece wheels in all four corners kept in control by a custom-built air suspension all finished in an eye-opening Mexico blue.

This Tesla Model 3 Widebody project is about way more than building a truly one of a kind work of art, it’s about pushing the industry forward, drawing attention to the electric vehicles of the future and making sure that our incredibly talented team you’ve come to trust has even more experience with tomorrow’s vehicles by taking them apart and building them better piece by piece.

Fabrication is planned on beginning this winter so be sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the progress! In the mean time, enjoy the rest of our concept art and some phone wallpapers below!

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